“My favorite thing about being a CA is how connected I feel with all of the residents. I feel like I make genuine connections with so many people.” Margaret Baker, First Street Place, Greenville, NC


“Having a relationship and understanding with residents is important to me. You want to make sure the people who live within the property are knowledgeable that you exist and that they are also comfortable with talking to you. The more comfortable someone is with you, the more they can open up, and you can ideally be an outlet for more than just resident issues, which is great.” Marissa Land, Burnham 310, Champaign, IL


“[I’ve learned that] proper communication is always important; whether it is between a resident or co-workers, all details need to be comprehended clearly for the task to be finished properly.” Carter Bell, Midtown, Corpus Christi, TX


“I love gaining a more personal relationship with the residents. I am starting to get in touch with my creative side more the longer I work here, and it has helped me to really appreciate the event and marketing side of the job.” Hannah Huling, Millennium, Norman, OK


“I’m a very outgoing person, so I felt the need to be around people 24/7 was the right decision. Plus, working with a well-organized management and staff team is cool.” Carl Bostick, The Bryn, State College, PA


“I enjoy creating a sense of community among residents that makes any encounter so much friendlier. I have learned how to de-escalate tense situations, and find a meeting ground for those who didn’t see it to be possible.” Sabrina Pletner, The Wyatt, Kalamazoo, MI


“[Being a CA has taught me] to help residents with situations that are stressful for them, how to be of value to someone else, and how to handle multiple situations at once.” Chaim Harris, The Flats at 316, Carrollton, GA