Finding the Best Candidate

Because our Community Assistants serve as the “experience experts” of our communities, we are very selective on those we hire to join the Campus Advantage team.  Our selection process is specifically designed to be able to identify candidates who have both the experience, leadership skills and team-player mentality that we require.

If you choose to apply to be a Community Assistant and are chosen to move forward in the selection process, you may experience some or all of the selection processes below.  Please note that the actual selection process for candidates may vary from the items below based on time of year and number of candidates.

Advertising & Applications:  While candidates are able to apply on this website any time of the year, our formal recruitment and selection process begins in December/January when properties begin advertising the position for the following school year.

Information Sessions:  In January, 1-2 information sessions will be held at each community, giving the Management Team the opportunity to explain the position, the process, and answer questions. These meetings also allow potential candidates an opportunity to meet current CAs and ask them questions about the position.

Group Selection Process:  After the application deadline, candidates who make the first screening are invited to attend a one-day process that allows the staff to observe the candidates in a “non-interview” context in order to evaluate the candidates’ interpersonal skills and leadership strengths. During this session, groups of candidates will be asked to participate in a variety of group activities.

Individual Interviews:  After the Group Interview, individual interviews are scheduled with top candidates. These 30-minute interviews will most likely include a current CA and a manager.  The candidate will be asked a set of questions, and will have the opportunity ask any final questions they have of the position.

Notification Letters:  Once final decisions are made, letters will be sent out to candidates to notify them of their results.  There are three types of letters that get sent out:

        • Acceptance Letters: This letter is sent to offer the candidate the Community Assistant position.  CAs who are accepted are given a deadline by which time they must indicate whether they are accepting the position.
        • Alternate Letters: This letter is sent to offer the candidate an alternate Community Assistant position.  If an offered candidate turns down the position, the alternates will be the next considered for hire.  CAs selected for alternate positions must indicate their acceptance of being an alternate by a given deadline.
        • No-Hire Letters: This letter is sent to candidates who unfortunately are not chosen for hire.