What is a CA?

Campus Advantage is an industry leader with global experience in student housing. Campus Advantage provides property management, consulting, acquisitions, and development with the goal of creating successful student housing communities. We’re kind of a big deal, and we didn’t get there by resting on our laurels. We’re a hardworking, scrappy bunch.

The Community Assistant (CA) position is not just any part-time student job. Our CAs are customer service experts. They are coaches, crisis managers, marketers, relationship-builders, conflict resolvers, event planners, and mentors. This is a career builder and a life changer (for you and our residents). The rewards are great, and the expectations are high — our CAs are members of the management team for a multimillion-dollar operation and have an impact on the lives of hundreds of residents every day.

This job is not for everyone. CAs work hard to gain skills and experiences that no other job can provide. They are a critical part of a team and make an impact every day.

Who are we looking for? Hint: People who share our values.

Integrity. Do you want to make your mom proud? We live the Golden Rule, trying always to do the right thing. Do you have the ability to work well under pressure and prioritize multiple projects while remaining focused on the level of service you deliver — all while juggling numerous deadlines? If so, you’ll rock this!

Intelligence: The right experience matters as you create experiences for your fellow students and serve as a leader of peers. CAs must be current students, have lived in a student housing environment for at least one semester, and hold a GPA of 2.5 or better. We believe that learning is a lifelong endeavor, and we strive to stay ahead through innovations. The position requires a great deal of time and energy. CAs are expected to put academics first and this job second.

Passion: What’s more important than experience is an upbeat, friendly demeanor. A passion for how the work you do impacts those around you! At Campus Advantage, our core value of passion means we desire to do our best, and we never, ever give up! Slackers need not apply.

Mojo. Are you motivated and possess the ability to make a difference and deliver world-class customer service? If so, we want to talk to you. At Campus Advantage, we attract and charm others through our success and outlook on life. We take our work and our communities, but not ourselves, seriously!

What will you be doing every day?

As a Community Assistant, you are on the front lines of selling and delivering the Campus Advantage experience! The fundamentals of what you do fall into five key areas:

Lead and Communicate: You must be a communication and leadership ninja! You are the face of the Students First® experience. We trust you to build and coach a great team, and communicate with important stakeholders like residents, guarantors, teammates, and the university.

Plan the Work/Work the Plan: To make all of this work, you will execute the management and marketing plans, as well as coordinate and participate in the Students First® experience. In case of an emergency, it’s all hands on deck to execute our emergency preparedness plan.

Heads on Beds: In order to provide amazing experiences to our residents, we have to get them in the door! This includes understanding your market, marketing and leasing, customer service, and residence life.

Collect Rent/Pay the Bills: This is a multimillion-dollar operation. Keep those dollars in mind when planning events; suggesting community improvements; and using equipment, supplies, and materials. Materials and equipment don’t magically show up!

Preserve the Asset: Maintaining the physical asset is a fundamental aspect of this role. Put your ninja skills to work when serving on call. You’ll need to kick butt at participating in the notorious process student housing calls “turn”.

If you read this far and you want to join us on our mission to lead the world in creating financially successful communities, we want to meet you! Are you ready to achieve your potential while serving and inspiring others to do the same? Join us in pursuing our purpose: To serve and inspire our employees and residents to achieve their full potential.